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Color and Weave Handwovens

Our scarves and buttons are all hand-woven or hand-made by Color and Weave partners, Suzanne Durville and Cindy Hughes. Thirty years of combined weaving experience and degrees in theatrical and textile design give us a feel for color and design as well as a solid understanding for the fundamental structure of cloth. This allows us to explore new techniques and color blendings while still remaining in touch with the heritage left by centuries of weavers and felters.
  Handwoven Artist Suzanne Durville Handwoven artist Cindy Hughes
Suzanne recently opened her Green Brick Studios in the Mill Yard in Nashua, NH, and Cindy works in her studio in the Brush Art Gallery in Lowell, MA.

Our specialty is putting together deep, rich colors. We try to capture, in our work, the subtle shadings inside a seashell, the interplay of spring colors and scents in a field or the burst of bright colors on a tropical fish. We often use our own hand dyed yarns and ribbons to compliment the blends.

Our scarves are woven in rayon chenille to take advantage of its sensuous and velvety texture.

Our buttons are covered with hand-made felt. We hand-craft our own felt from fine merino wools, hand-dyed silks, and a wide variety of today's popular novelty yarns. We love what we do and we hope you'll enjoy it as well.


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Color and Weave Handwovens